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keisuke matsuda solo exhibition


Keisuke Matsuda Solo Exhibition

2016.01.15 (Fri.)—02.14 (Sun.)
open on Fri., Sat., & Sun. 12:00 – 18:00
opening reception : 01.16 (Sat.) 18:00 – 20:00
appointments are available on weekdays

I try to paint the image that flashes in my mind, but the image is impossible to revive to reexamine. So the best way for me to paint the image is to do so quickly, before it disappears from my mind. It is a challenge to complete my works even using effective paint strokes.

Keisuke Matsuda

In his first three solo exhibitions “WORDS LIE I, II, and III”, Matsuda painted the image that popped in his mind, insisting “everything I see, everything I feel, everything I hear… everything becomes a lie if I explain it with words. So I paint it”

In his fourth exhibition “STRAIGHTFORWARD”, Matsuda expressed the image as it really was… directly, literally.

But one problem has been bothering Matsuda for years. The image he sees stays in mind only for a short time, so he could not remember its details. He suffered because he cannot recreate the exact image on canvas.

The breakthrough in solving this problem was Matsuda’s solo exhibitions “STABILIZATION I, II, III”. He discovered a way to stabilize (paint) the image in which the original image was transformed by means of his unique composition. His painting, then, retained depth, and boosted our expectations for his next stage in painting.

In “UNREVIVABLE”, Matsuda has enriched his power to control painting the original image by adding a new element in its transformation by enhancing his unique color combinations. His new paintings seem to be zoomed in so that they just pop out of canvas. They offer such rhythmical impression that we feel like listening to various melodies with percussions with our eyes.

Naomi Rowe | eN arts