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Four-seam fastball is floating on the lake


(Shunsuke Kano / Teppei Sako / Yaya Ueda)

“Four-seam fastball is floating on the lake”

2016.11.04(fri.)— 11.27(sun.)
open on fri., sat., and sun. 12:00-18:00
opening reception:11.05(sat.)18:00-20:00
appointments are available on weekdays


Rough Day

We feed paper dozens of times just like adding Giorgio de Chirico to electronics, a fisherman on lakeside, soft-colored costume, and water lilies. And at the same time we move to Tatami Mats. We paint the shadows of green onion and ginger. The ball a man threw bounds once on the thin panel with 8 women printed on. The rain creates strange wrinkles again.


eN arts is pleased to announce an exhibition, “FOUR-SEAM FASTBALL IS FLOATING ON THE LAKE, by The Copy Travelers, an artist “unit” formed by three Kyoto-based artists: Yaya Ueda, Shunsuke Kano, and Teppei Sako. In this show, The Copy Travelers are dynamically presenting varied works created by manipulating copy machines, scanners, and digital cameras to their fullest.

“The three members of The Copy Travelers spend their creative time together, each using the same materials in whatever way they want to make whatever they want. A collage is continuously renewed as the work is being created.” -by Shunske Kano

The word “copy” has many meanings – trace, duplicate, imitate, reproduce and more. The Copy Travelers choose materials as they want from those that each member individually has brought to the group, and then one will engrave, copy, peel, paste, erase, photograph etc. the object before passing it on to the other members for them to work on it. As the three members, with their own styles and methods, add whatever they feel, the work progresses to completion.

If we substitute the standard definition of a copier, “a machine that makes multiple paper copies of documents and other visual images,” with “a person who makes a work with various materials by using a copy machine multiple times” then The Copy Travelers unit acts as a copier, but a copier used in an amusing or fanciful way, like a toy or game machine, that the members could pass around to one another to process all sorts of materials that are then combined into works of art. I believe myself that the act of creating their works is in fact their art.

At this exhibit, The Copy Travelers are introducing a group of new works based on “Beyond motifs and materials and up to including a scanner, creating images of Lake Biwa and its shore.” We hope that you enjoy the show.

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Naomi Rowe



2016  STOVE LEAGUE 2016 (Division、VOU / Kyoto)
2015  THE COPY TRAVELERS by THE COPY TRAVELERS (space_inframince / Osaka)
2015  THE COPY TRAVELERS by THE COPY TRAVELERS (Nadiff Gallery / Tokyo)


Shunsuke Kano CV
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