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yasushi ebihara solo exhibition


yasushi ebihara solo exhibition

2008.02.01 – 02.29  12:00 – 18:00
open on fridays, saturdays and sundays
appointments are available on weekday
opening reception 2008.02.02 (sat.) 18:00 – 20:00

Watching an old video tape late at night all alone…
You pause the video. On the screen, you see a total stranger that has completely different character from the one in the movie. Is that the true face of the actress? In the motion picture, she is smiling innocently. As soon as the video is switched to “pause”, her smiles are disturbed by the electronic noise as if her secret past and her private life appear through the scanning beams. Is it a dream, a reality, or an illusion?

eN arts PAUSE features Ebihara’s new works from his NOISE series. Ebihara’s paintings talk to your inner self. His painted images on canvas never stay still but often jump out from canvas and try to attack the core of the individual who is looking at them. People are confused and manipulated by overflowing media and information in the world, and those images mock at those people aggressively.
Please look at each of his works from a distance in order to realize that the image on the canvas changes as you take a step forward. The closer you approach the image, the further apart the image becomes from the one you saw on the canvas before. When you reach at the closest point, the image seperates from the canvas. What do you see through the scanning beams? You might discover a SELF that might be different from whom you think you are.

EBIHARA’s Statement
There was an old video. I played the movie in the video and the tape was worn out. Scanning beams were everywhere on the screen. The noise of the scanning beams made it difficult to recognize the outlines of the image from the background. The noise wlways exists no matter which scene you click and becomes violent colors. And those violent colors rule the whole screen, overwhelming the images of the innocent boys and actresses. In one scene from a movie, what is she looking at and what is she thinking? The time slips out of the screen; Just an image remains. The image never expressed wander about between continuous scenes. What should be envisioned behind those scenes?