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Flash ⇄ Infinity

misato kurimune solo exhibition



Flash ⇆ Infinity
Misato Kurimune Solo Exhibition

2015.01.09 (Fri.)—01.31 (Sat.)
open on Fri., Sat., & Sun. 12:00 – 18:00
opening reception : 01.10 (Sat.) 18:00 – 20:00
appointments are available on weekdays


I create works of art as a means to question the essential elements of time, existence, life and beauty or as an approach to awaken the imagination and the memories of them.

I first print monochrome images onto fabric and washi paper. Then, I paint lines on them using materials such as a foundation cream, a piece of leaf silver, and ashes, which I select depending on the motifs of the images.

Recently, I have been working with crystal glass and photographs that are painted like a painting, combined into a single installation work.
Misato Kurimune

The first exhibition of 2015 at eN arts is “Flash Infinity”, a solo exhibition by Misato Kurimune. This artist makes “stillness” (photographs) and “motion” (drawing) coexist by combining carefully selected materials with digital images she photographs herself in order to reflect on existence, time, and even the origin of life. So far, she has created three series: COMPLEX, CRUSHED, CONDOLENCE (please refer to her website for details).

We are pleased to present Ms. Kurimune’s new series, FLASH, in this exhibition. In this series, she expresses the transient beauty of blooming flowers as well as the immortality of silver leaf, trying to capture time just as one would with a single a shutter release. We hope you will enjoy comings and goings in between “FLASH” and “INFINITY” as time flows nature…”birth of life—maturity—decay—recycle”
Naomi Rowe | eN arts