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shingo tanaka solo exhibition


shingo tanaka solo exhibition

2009. 02. 01 (FRI.) ‒ 2009. 02. 28 (FRI.)
OPEN 12:00 ‒ 18:00 ON FRI., SAT., & SUN.


eN arts will start 2009 with “Dreams and Reality”, a solo exhibition by Shingo Tanaka.
Born in 983, Shingo Tanaka is an artist who has consistently examined the theme of “fire” throughout his career in different mediums.
“Dreams and Reality” will introduce two works in photography, two works in sculpture, one work in two dimensions, and eight single plane works. What separates man and other animals is the ability to use tools. Humans, using tools, have been able to create “Fire” to their needs. From ancient times “Fire” has accompanied man and been able to improve his humor and feelings. Still, at the same time, “Fire” can produce a sense of intense fear.

Shingo Tanaka attempts to examine from every perspective the broad range of emotions that we hold when we see flames, the product of the simple process of combustion. In photographs, he will look straight at flames while working in three dimensions he might actually burn tightly bundled paper. This selection of works by Shingo Tanaka expresses the phenomenon of “Fire”, the environment that surrounds that fire, the entirely nature manner that combustion causes shapes and forms to change, and the relationship between man and fire.

Dreams and Reality
by shingo tanaka

For example, try burning the paper before your eyes.

The rising flames, throwing off light and taking in the surrounding air– slowly and quietly turn the paper to ash.
Despite the words “Destruction” and “Creation”, associated with this sight,
the basic phenomenon of combustion is too simple and pure to be described in those words.
It merely bewitches the watcher and wavers before the eye.

If the use of fire was what separated man from the other animals,
then what was it that made primitive man decide to control fire?

Certainly, separate from any use for self protection,
try imaging that the attraction of rising flames was part of the reason.

We cannot know if they had the concept of “beautiful”
But fire, simply burning away, does not make us feel any change from ancient times.
And we even now remain bewitched by fire today.

Why are we be so bewitched by fire.
I look across at fire, absently wondering.
Sometime being taken in by the flame and at other times leaving a distance…