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15 grams of memories


15 grams of memories
Yuki Hayashi Solo Exhibition

2021.09.03(fri.)- 2021.09.26 (sun.)
open on fri., sat., & sun.12:00-18:00
weekday appointments are available

*nuit blanche 2021 : 2021.10.01(fri.)15:00-21:00

eN arts is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Yuki Hayashi “15 grams of memories” starting 3rd September 2021.

Yuki Hayashi creates video animations by taking images, importing them into his computer, and layering the cut-out data. In recent years, he has been developing a wide range of activities in video production such as the video works in collaboration with the Center for iPS Cell Research and Application, Kyoto University (CiRA) in the exhibition “KYOTO STEAM – International Arts × Science Festival” (Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum, Kyoto) .

In this exhibition, “15 grams of memories” is the story of tracing a river of photographs found on a floppy disk found in the belongings of a late grandfather. The photographs, which were probably taken by the grandfather, the video that “I” traced the river of photos left on the floppy disk, and the short videos taken on Digital Mavica: When you collect the fragments scattered throughout these images and videos, you will find something more than just a sentimental story of my grandfather and me.

The video work “overlap” (2010) using the iPod touch, which is in eN arts collection, will also be specially exhibited. We hope you will enjoy this exhibition and the work “overlap” from eN arts collection.

Yoko Kuwahara | eN arts

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15 grams of memories

In my grandfather’s belongings, I found a floppy disk and a camera, a Sony Digital Mavica camera released in 2002, which used floppy disks as its recording media. In the floppy disks were photos of nearby rivers that my grandfather had taken. I decided to trace those rivers.

Yuki Hayashi


Yuki Hayashi (video artist, film maker)
Born in Kyoto in 1976. To start production of the video from ‘97. It is exhibited in film festivals and exhibitions at home and abroad.
Yuki Hayashi creates animated works by cutting and combining some of the many photographs and videos he has taken and stored on his computer. Sometimes there may be a photo that has been uploaded to the Internet to the material.He is thinking about the Internet and SNS and new media.