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yasuko iba solo exhibition


Yasuko Iba Solo Exhibition

2020.11.01(sun.)- 2020.11.29 (sun.)
open on fri., sat., & sun.12:00-18:00
weekday appointments are available
Special thanks to Gallery Nomart

Having first presented Iba Yasuko’s “SENSE OF TOUCH” in 2008, eN arts is extraordinarily happy to exhibit more of Iba’s works in a new solo exhibition, “SENSE OF TOUCH 2020” during November 2020.

During her college years, Iba majored in woodblock prints, and upon graduation gradually shifted her focus to painting, creating works in oil from photos she took herself. When I first stood in front of one of Iba’s works, the impact was such that viewing the painting even stimulated my senses of touch and smell to the extent that I felt the presence and mood of the object painted.   That presence actually sparked a memory of my childhood. I was shocked at discovering that, extending beyond realistically portraying light and shade in a single painting, Iba’s works touch the heart and soul of their viewers. This new exhibition provides a glimpse of Iba’ as she challenges the next steps with her newest works.

On the subject of challenges – – – Iba first undertook video art in her 2019 solo exhibition “A Way of Seeing” presented at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. In a Bijutsu Techo interview, Iba commented on video art: “Video is a bundle of strands of light. I had the feeling that an image is connected and so the amount of light is sensed, then there is a place where light and texture are joined.”   “This led to a stereogram work in which, without a sense of story or the unfolding of time, the texture and the connectivity of light can be felt.”, explaining the similarity of her video stereograms and her prints and paintings in their expression of light and texture. eN arts will present a new video work by Iba in our below ground Black Cube space.

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I am particular about changing a scene we see right before our eyes into its basic nature.   More than simply recognizing the perspective of the scene before oneself using normal visual perception, I want some sort bodily experience to come first. Using a glass case containing flower vases as an example, one cannot experience just a single point of focus while being aware of the reflections of curtains on the glass door or on the back of the case despite recognizing the scene as a single space.   Rather, we experience the space and basic nature of such an object by indistinctly gazing, not at a single point, while moving our eyes over the entire object, without focusing on specific spots. I guess that we somehow pick up on the differences and underlying nature of the object as we vaguely move our eyes and awareness, picking up on different elements. That is what I try to compose on a canvass.   I want to neutralize the presence. A photorealistic depiction of a motif on a screen expresses the presence of that particular space, but I want to somewhat neutralize that presence by leaving aside some elements, such as distinct lines and colors. Somehow, as the space is shifted from the existence of the motif, it is then changed into a kind of texture.

Iba Yasuko

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YasukoIba Solo Exhibition “SENSE OF TOUCH” 2008 @ eN arts