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”At the Place That Is Not There”

ryosuke imamura solo exhibition




”At the Place That Is Not There”
Ryosuke Imamura Solo Exhibition

2018.11.02(fri.)- 2018.11.30 (fri.)
open on fri., sat., & sun.12:00-18:00
opening reception:2018.11.02(fri.)18:00-20:00
weekday appointments are available

eN arts is pleased to announce a Ryosuke Imamura Solo Exhibition “At the Place That Is Not There”.

Mr. Imamura was born in 1982 and graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts with MA (sculpture) in 2007. In 2011, he received the 5th Shiseido Art Egg award. In 2016, he lived in Warsaw, Poland for one year on a grant from Pola Art Foundation’s “Overseas Study by Young Artists”

Mr. Imamura creates works with subtle relationships and distances between objects, venues, and observers using wastepaper, strings, pebbles, books, buckets, watches, headphones, iPhones and iPods – items that we find in our daily life.   And facing his work, we realize ourselves sensing a little sound, fragrance, appearance, or feeling that we tend not to notice in our busy life. In other words, we have to sharpen our five senses in when observing his works. The result is that we are surprised to learn that we in fact do not use our exquisite senses as much as we believe and understand how ignorant we are to miss all the subtle things in our surroundings. We hope you will enjoy the wonderful surprises in Mr. Imamura’s exhibition.

eN arts   Naomi Rowe

At the Place That Is Not There

After the mid-summer, the cool breeze and the fragrance of fragrant olives made me feel that I am always behind the seasons.

I rented a studio more than 6 months ago and have just started to renovate it. But there is no time to renovate now that my exhibition is just around the corner, I realized. So here I am, pulling out memos of my ideas and remembering vaguely the memories in the past when I wrote those memos. I am trying to create works based on the incidents such as the fog embraced me in a foreign town, and the fact that I found out the paint I love was discontinued long time ago. But it is quite a challenge to fill all those gaps between the incidents, my intentions, and the viewers’ impressions as if the temperature and the fragrance of the flowers help me realize the gap between the actual season and the season within my own consciousness.

Ryosuke Imamura

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