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exhibition 4

katsuyuki shirako solo exhibition


exhibition 4
Katsuyuki Shirako Solo Exhibition

2013.08.02 (fri.) – 08.31 (sat.)
open on fri., sat., and sun. 12:00-18:00
appointments are available on weekdays
opening reception: 18:00-20:00 on 08.02

“My works do not possess any specific meaning. Encapsulating many images, the works have just formed themselves before me.”
Katsuyuki Shirako


We are pleased to announce “exhibition 4”, a solo exhibition by Katsuyuki Shirako.
Shirako creates his own motifs, inspired by various images of plants, animals, landscapes and other phenomena in nature.  These uniquely original motifs are carefully carved from hinoki, oak tree, or medium density fiberboard by hand.  Shirako then completes his breathtakingly beautiful works by meticulously applying materials used in traditional Japanese art, including Japanese lacquer, natural pigments, and crushed or powdered shell to create a perfect balance within the sculptures.

“exhibition 4” consists primarily of the latest works in Shirako’s CONNECT SERIES, one of the four series of his works.  In this series, Shirako joins “a part a flower such as a petal”, “a part of a plant such as a leaf and a stem”, or “a food such as a petite tomato” with one of his sculptures.  He then has them photographed in order to capture the best and the most beautiful expression of the respective beauty of each element and to accentuate the contrasting beauty of a transient living thing and half-eternal lacquer. Please enjoy the exhibit.
Naomi Rowe | eN arts