eN arts

exhibition 2

katsuyuki shirako solo exhibition


exhibition 2
katsuyuki shirako

2011.11.04 (fri.) – 11.27 (sun.)
open on fri., sat., and sun. 12:00-18:00
weekday appointments also available
opening reception on 11.05 (sat.) 18:00-20:00

When creating works, I try to obtain unique motifs by laying multiple images of objects in the nature. My creation is nothing specific but something unlimited.

Katsuyuki Shirako

Katsuyuki Shirako obtains motifs from living things from the nature. For Shirako, his works are always the beautiful collaboration of those motifs and Japanese lacquer. Shirako says that his works are something impossible to specify but something able to be defined as anything depending on viewers points of views. Truly beautiful creations have attracted a lot of attentions since his first solo exhibition, “exhibition1” held at eN arts in June 2010. eN arts had a solo booth at SCOPE BASEL 2011 where his works were well received in European art scene as well.

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