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mitsuo kim solo exhibition




Darkroom / Ghost
Mitsuo Kim Solo Exhibition

2014.08.08 (fri.)—08.31 (sun.)
open on ri., Sat., & Sun. 12:00 – 18:00
opening reception : 08.09 (sat.) 18:00 – 20:00
appointments are available on weekdays


Mitsuo Kim frames everyday scenes by taking photographs and then transforming them into silkscreens. He prints the images onto the surface of a wooden panel that is coated with paraffin wax and applies heat to the several points of the surface. The heat melts the wax causing the melting wax to flow with silkscreen’s ink. The original ordinary scenes alter their shape into distorted images that cannot be anticipated.

In this exhibition, Kim will exhibit new works focused on “Light and Shadow” that use his unique technique. He makes a new attempt to create enigmatic images that emerge by adding light from the outside of the scanner to the light of scanning process. We are very pleased to present his latest and sophisticated works.

Yoko Kuwahara | eN arts


-Darkroom / Ghost
From light a shadow is created.  A shadow is formed as the outline of an object exposed to a light, and also the existence of the object caught in the light is proved by the shadow.  The world emerges from light. However if the light is too strong, the world may disappear as well.

Open the scanner’s lid, shine light into the dark closed box.
A totally unexpected image appears.
By flashing light into the scanner’s light, I confuse the scanner.
This is an experiment to visualize a world between one light and another light.

I ponder upon shadows, which are considered the origin of painting.
I would like to exhibit new works focused on “shadows”, a theme about which many artists have worked.

Mitsuo Kim