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keisuke matsuda solo exhibition

2011.02.04 [fri.] – 02.27 [sun.]
open on fri., sat., & sun. 12:00-18:00 appointments available
opening reception: 02.04 [fri.] 18:00-20:00

WhenIfocustherealityaroundme,Ibecomethrilledandcertainimagesoccurinmymind. Iusuallymeditatetoretrieveimages that I want to express, not in words, but in paints. Although these mental images are vague, I start painting almost unconsciously, and somehow succeed in recreating them. I feel content when the images retrieved during my meditation are expressed as had envisioned them. I love painting and drawing because what I paint always returns to me in this way. It is like a circle of life. Painting keeps me free.

Keisuke Matsuda

In the contemporary art world, “skilled” is not always a compliment. On first viewing, Matsuda’s works brings to viewers wry smiles, as their eccentric motifs perfectly lack the standard criteria of BEAUTY. But then we realize the obscure colors, color combinations, and energetic brushstrokes are totally original. We cannot recall any other artist with a similar style, making Matsuda’s works UNIQUE. He continues to paint, accurately, those obscure images without hesitation. The charm of his paintings, beyond explanation in words, originates from his consistent accuracy in which he is not constrained by the typical standard of beauty. Matsuda’s works are reminiscent to the miracles of “unskillfulness “ that skillful experts of Korean ceramics in 17th century intentionally created.

Excerpt: Bijutsu Techo 2010.02 vol. 62 NO.93 REVIEWS by Professor Minoru Shimizu

This is Matsuda’s second solo exhibition at eN arts. His first show, “WORDS LIE” [2009.12 – 2010.01], held right after his graduation from Kyoto City University of Arts & Music, garnered broad attention. “WORDS LIE” was favorably reviewed by Professor Minoru Shimizu, and Bijutsu Techo [2010. 06] selected Matsuda as one of the notable Japanese young artists for the coming generation. Matsuda expresses, on canvases and paper, the “vague images” that materialize through his meditations. The images vary from “things that exist in his daily life” to “whatever subconsciously lurks in his mind”. Matsuda’s bold brushstrokes, exquisite colors, and their unique combinations form his original world. We can a capture sense of speed and strong energy in his works. Matsuda’s works are so articulate in themselves that we do not need explanations to enjoy them. In that sense, they truly flee your souls. In “WORDS LIE II”, it must be noted that Matsuda challenged himself by using paper vellum as the medium for his drawings, enabling him to create charming and unique textures using acrylic paints.

Naomi Rowe