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す  あ。ラ  火 一 見  極

- simultaneity of construction and dismantling - shingo tanaka solo exhibition



「す  あ。 ラ   火  一  見   極」
simultaneity of construction and dismantling
shingo tanaka solo exhibition

2014.10.03 (fri.) – 10.31 (fri.)
open on fri., sat., & sun. 12:00 – 18:00
opening reception & Nuit Blanche  on 10.04 (sat.) 18:00 – 22:00
appointments are available on weekdays

“Among all phenomena, fire is the only one element that we can accept two significances that are diametrically opposite characters, namely fire is the element that has the good side and the evil side simultaneously. There is the possibility of the contradiction in itself. That is the reason why it becomes the universal principle explanation.”  Bachelard, Guston “La Psychanalyse du feu” 1938

In “re:trans” series, I disassemble objects that once had a function and purpose, including some of my earlier works, and reassemble them into new objects. In the process of assembling the detritus, which have become pieces that have lost their meaning and purpose, I apply fire to the new objects to prompt them to fragment again.  The burned materials become tinged in black, melt down or even break.  This transformation makes the object’s surface grotesque, but it also gives the object a unique appearance, one that never appears in a man-made object.  Also by burning the fragments of materials uniformly, I can create a visual effect of the pieces seeming to have reconnected into one object again.

We don’t notice of the scraps of wood, the papers that are cut into a thousand pieces, or the waste that is thrown away.  However, they are given shapes and new attractive manifestation by layer and burning.  There is even a chance to represent uniquely the polar opposite significances: <Dismantlement (Destruction) – Reconstruction (Creation)> at the same time.
Shingo Tanaka

We are pleased to announce a solo exhibition by Shingo Tanaka who works on fire in a wide range of method and media, such as a sculpture, a photograph and a painting. In this exhibition, Tanaka will present new works of his “re:trans” series and an installation of works from his “trans” series.

In re:trans series, Tanaka dismantles discarded objects, that lost their original function, into pieces and reconstructs them into a new object. After the reconstruction, the object is burn by fire. These two different aspects, the partial disappearance of a substance by combustion (Dismantlement) and the connecting of the pieces into one object with the trace of the flame (Construction), reveals the nature and character of the fire, which has two opposite elements, a good side and an evil side. And in trans series, he represents the phenomenon “Transformation (trans)” by burning a geometrical shaped medium. Each series, re:trans and trans, affect to one another and contribute back to each other. After solo exhibition that was composed with the art works of re:trans series last year, we will see the new phase in trans series in this exhibition.

Please enjoy the distinctive world of Shingo Tanaka’s latest works at his solo exhibition “す あ。 ラ 火 一 見 極 –simultaneity of construction and dismantling-”
Yoko Kuwahara | eN arts